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Google has released Android 3.0 operating system which is known as Honeycomb and is especially designed keeping in mind wide screen devices such as tablets. Android Honeycomb 3.0 SDK has facilitated Android Honeycomb developer to merge numerous fragments of Android and easily develop applications for large screen tablet. Freshly, Google have launched the revised version of Honeycomb 3.1, with many new and exciting features. With the help of latest Android applications, Android OS is presently ruling the smartphone world and with the introduction of Android 3.1, it has conquered the tablet world too. Android Honeycomb is loaded with exciting new features such as multi-tasking, customizable home screen, rich notifications and more. By developing your own custom Honeycomb applications, you can serve market in much better ways and indirectly increasing your sales and customers.

Advantages and Features of Android Honeycomb Development:

  • User Interface framework for developing rich tablet applications
  • Aids in Developing powerful and scalable applications
  • Dynamic 3D and 2D graphics
  • Open Source Platform
  • Rich multimedia, browser facility and connectivity
  • Improvement for enterprise
  • Fits with existing applications

Mobile Apps Development Team (MADT) is an offshore mobile application development company that offers cost effective and fruitful Honeycomb application development services across the globe. At MADT, our professional Honeycomb developers are highly qualified and ready to accept the challenge of developing the best Honeycomb application of your require. Our experienced team of Android application development have successfully designed and delivered numerous apps for business and finance apps, gaming apps, social media apps, traveling apps and apps belonging to many more categories.

What Our Honeycomb Developers Offer For Honeycomb Solutions:

  • Customized Honeycomb Applications Development
  • Gaming Apps Development
  • Business and Finance Apps Development
  • Utility Honeycomb Applications
  • Children Applications
  • Ecommerce / Management / Office Applications Development
  • Social Networking / Entertainment / Multimedia Application Development
  • Travel Apps Development
  • Educational / Engineering / Medical and Technical Apps

At MADT, we possess professional team of Android developers and you can even hire experienced Google Android Honeycomb developers as per your requirements, who can assist you by developing high-end Honeycomb application, by the blend of his experience and proficiency.

Packages of Hire Honeycomb Application Developers:

  • Hire Monthly Basis
  • Hire Weekly Basis
  • Hire Daily Basis
  • Hire Hourly Basis
  • Hire Project Basis

Please contact us for more information about Honeycomb development services and hire dedicated Honeycomb developers programmers.


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